How to Uninstall unc0ver Jailbreak on iOS 12?
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While unc0ver jailbreak is highly stable, you are just an incompatible tweak away from making it unstable. Here’s how you can delete unc0ver jailbreak from your iPhone or iPad on iOS 12 and start afresh. And once unc0ver release public version, 3uTools will add support as soon as possible.

How to Uninstall unc0ver Jailbreak on iOS 12?

Delete Cydia Tweaks

Step 1 Open Cydia.

Step 2 Go to the Installed tab and manually delete all tweaks installed on your Apple device. This will ensure all leftover tweak files, preferences files, and dependencies are removed beforehand and won’t get backed up with every backup performed hereafter. 

Enable Rootfs Restore

Step 3 Open the jailbreak app and go to the Settings tab.

Step 4 Toggle on Restore RootFS (rec0ver) and Refresh Icon Cache.

How to Uninstall unc0ver Jailbreak on iOS 12?

Step 5 Go back to the main screen and press Jailbreak or Re-jailbreak.

Restore your device

Step 6 Wait for the exploitation to commence. When the app displays the RootFS Restore notification, tap OK.

How to Uninstall unc0ver Jailbreak on iOS 12?

Step 7 Wait for the app to restore the root filesystem. This shouldn’t take more than 10-12 minutes. If, however, it somehow ends up taking longer than that, let it do its thing and don’t hard reset or reboot your device.

Step 8 When the app displays the “RootFS has been successfully restored” message, tap OK.

Step 9 Enter wiggle mode and remove the unc0ver application from your iPhone or iPad.

That’s all there’s to it. Do not press the “Reset All Content And Settings” button in Settings after using RootFS Restore.

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