What Can You Do Using 3uTools?

2017-01-05 4592 Posted by 3uTools

Nowadays, more and more tools and applications whatever paid or free are online for Apple users. 3uTools is an all-in-one tool for all iOS users freely which has been released for a long time with several important updates. 

But what can you do with 3uTools? Please download the latest version on 3u official website, and we can clarify some key features for new users of 3uTools.

What Can You Do Using 3uTools?

As below:


1. Flash and Jailbreak 

3uTools is one of the strongest flash tools you can choose different firmwares to flash your iDevice, and "Easy Flash" or if you want you can use "Pro Flash" will show you the whole process which including view shsh- restore shsh- and finally flash. It's easier for our user to operate in 3uTools.

How to Download iOS 11.2.5 Developer Beta 2?

What Can You Do Using 3uTools?

Users can "Jailbreak" their iDevice through 3uTools, please keep following 3uTools updates in soon future. 

What Can You Do Using 3uTools?

2. Online Resource

Various apps, distinctive ringtones, and unique wallpapers are waiting for you to download in the 3uTools online resource. The most important thing is 3uTools is free for all users. Please share the great and multi-functions 3uTools with your friends.

Download apps:

What Can You Do Using 3uTools?

Change ringtones:

What Can You Do Using 3uTools?

Download wallpapers:

What Can You Do Using 3uTools?

3. Toolbox in 3uTools 

Some basic information is allowed users to check more about your iPhone on "iDevice" section in 3uTools. What's more, you can manage your iPhone or another iDevice better through "Toolbox" functions (make ringtones, migrate data, view real-time screen...), our official website has some tutorials and tips for you to use these effective features.

What Can You Do Using 3uTools?

For example the feature of "Migrate Data".


You can migrate data using 3uTools, but if you don't know how to use, only need search keywords(eg: migrate data) on 3u website, it will show you all steps to operate. Actually, it is so easy when you use it.

What Can You Do Using 3uTools?

We think most users are already familiar with those functions of 3uTools if you have downloaded and used for a while. 3u team thanks all 3uTools user's support all the time, please send your feedback or expectations to us. 

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