Electra Team Member is “Pretty Sure” There Will be an iOS 12 Jailbreak
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Apple has not yet gotten iOS 12 into a state where it is ready for prime time and the vast majority of users will not get to test it out until it is officially released next month, but that doesn’t mean that the jailbreak community is not already hard at work on plans for jailbreaking it when it does finally land.

Being able to jailbreak big iOS releases on launch day is not something that tends to happen, but with hackers already relatively confident that a jailbreak could be possible, we may not have to wait too long after launch for a jailbreak to be made available.

Electra Team Member is “Pretty Sure” There Will be an iOS 12 Jailbreak

This confidence was highlighted by Electra team member nullpixel via Twitter, with the hacker saying that while they are not 100% sure that an iOS 12 jailbreak is on the horizon, they are “pretty sure” that it will be available at some point.

That’s obviously far from confirmation that a jailbreak is developed and ready to go and we wouldn’t expect the Electra team to say even if it was, but these kinds of noises coming out of the team that is currently most prolific when it comes to releasing jailbreaks can only be good news for those hoping to be able to update to Apple’s hottest new software and still be able to jailbreak their devices, at some point, at least.

For now it’s best to stick to whatever version of iOS you are running, especially if you are already jailbroken. We don’t expect any confirmation of an iOS 12 jailbreak to come until after Apple ships in order to prevent any security holes from being plugged, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for updates over the coming weeks.

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