Several iCloud Services are Facing Issues
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Several iCloud Services are Facing Issues

Apple’s iCloud service isn’t a stranger to outages and issues, unfortunately, but today’s is casting a wide net across several different services.

Apple’s official system status page is showing a sweeping range of issues from a variety of different iCloud services. They range from issues with singing into an iCloud account, iWork for iCloud, issues with iCloud Drive, iCloud Contacts, the “Back to My Mac” feature, and many others.

The issues cropped up at 9:35 AM local time, according to Apple, and all of them are listed as “ongoing” at the time of publication.

Here is the list of what’s affected:

  • Back to My Mac

  • Find My FriendsFind My iPhone

  • iCloud Account & Sign In

  • iCloud Backup

  • iCloud Bookmarks and Tabs

  • iCloud Calendar

  • iCloud Contacts

  • iCloud Drive

  • iCloud Keychain

  • iCloud Mail

  • iCloud Notes

  • iCloud Reminders

  • iCloud Storage Upgrades

  • iCloud web apps (

  • iWork for iCloud

  • Mail Drop

  • Photos

In some cases, at least one issue has been resolved, but there still appears to be at least one issue persisting even in those services. As is par for the course there is no word on when these issues might get fixed.

According to Apple, where the issues are cropping up only “1.5% of users are affected”.

This is a pretty big problem across iCloud services. While it’s not the best possible way to go into a weekend, one has to hope that Apple gets a handle on the issues quickly and fixes them soon. It is worth noting again that a very small percentage of iCloud users are actually running into the issues, so that is a silver lining.

Source: Apple

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