Leakage: iPhone 7 is Thinner than iPhone 6s

2015-12-17 3217 Posted by 3uTools

Leakage: iPhone 7 is Thinner than iPhone 6s

According to the latest source, the iPhone 7 will be thinner than iPhone 6s, and the thickness is supposed to be no higher than 6.5mm. In addition to this, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities, has revealed before that the next generation of iPhone 7 would be only 6.1mm.


At present, as far as the industrial design of Apple products, the Apple’s R&D team seeks after the “slim” style. But there is a problem puzzling some iPhone fans while the camera protrudes from the back case. It may be confirmed that this issue will continue on the next generation of iPhone 7.


However, the source indicated that the Apple had been trying to improve the 3D touch sensor in order to make the body of iPhone 7 become thinner. At least in the next year iPhone 7’s built-in technologies, structures and features will not change too much while compared to iPhone 6s’s.


Also, the Apple has tried to put 3D touch into iPad, but for the iOS users there are only a few third-party apps which support this particular feature at this moment. How many iOS apps supports 3D touch on earth? Oh oh, I don't know either.


What’s more, in the next year the Apple would not release new product lines like what they did in 2015. That’s to say, the company will focus on upgrading the existing Apple products. Especially Apple watch 2 and iPhone 7 will come out with strong hard configuration updates.


Considering the new features of iPhone 7, iOS users still hope to see the new iPhone which is equipped with a stronger-capacity battery while the Apple has just made an attempt to solve this problem.


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