FAQ: What can We Do with Using 3uTools Flash?
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1. What does the “3uTools Flash” mean?

3uTools Flash can restore all iOS devices to the compatible iOS firmware whose signing the Apple hasn’t stopped, downgrade some iOS devices, such as iPhone 4 and 3GS  with SHSH file backups, to the compatible iOS firmware, and upgrade all iOS devices to the latest iOS firmware. Notably 3uTools provides a very rapid downloading and flashing speed. 

 FAQ: What can We Do with Using 3uTools Flash?

2.  Which iOS firmware versions can 3uTools Flash support?

3uTools is a comprehensive iOS tool, and currently the version2.10 supports iOS 10.3 beta flash. You can click Flash Jailbreak→Pro Flash→Query SHSH, in order to find which firmware your iOS device can flash now. It's worth noting that 3uTools can automatically select the compatible firmware for your device and then you are allowed to download one of the available options with an impressively rapid speed.   


3.  What devices can “3uTools Flash” support?

 3uTools Flash can restore and upgrade the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone3G/3GS

  • iPhone4/4S

  • iPhone5/5C/5S

  • iPhone6/6 Plus

  • iPhone6S/6S Plus

  • iPad1/2/3/4

  • iPad mini1/2/3/4

  • iPad Air1/2

  • iPod Touch1/2/3/4/5/6


4.  What devices can “3uTools Flash” downgrade?

Firstly, it’s suggested to click Flash Jailbreak→Pro Flash→Query SHSH in order to find which firmware your iOS device can flash.  


    3uTools can downgrade the following devices:

  • iPhone 3GS without SHSH file backup can be downgraded to iOS4.1 using 3uTools.

  • iPhone 4 with SHSH file backups can be downgraded to any compatible iOS firmware using 3uTools.

  • iPhone 4s/5/5s/6/6Plus/6s/6sPlus, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air 1/2, iPod Touch5/6, and iPad mini 1/2/3/4 can be downgraded from 9.2.1 to 9.2 using 3uTools. The downloading/flashing process is very fast.


    *Tips for other devices:

  • iPhone 4s without SHSH file backup can be downgraded to iOS 6.1.3 using odysseus-0.4.

  • iPhone 5 with SHSH file backup can be downloaded to iOS7.0.4 using odysseus-0.4.

  • iPhone 5s can't be downgraded with whichever tool.


5. How to use 3uTools Flash?

You can get to know how to use 3uTools Flash on the section of “Tutorial→ Flash Tutorial”.


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