LocationFaker (iOS 11) with Electra Jailbreak

2018-02-07 516 Posted by 3uTools

LocationFaker (iOS 11) with Electra Jailbreak

1. Download the Deb file and extract.

2. SSH into your device and copy the LocationChanger.app folder and all its contents into the /Applications folder in the root of your iPhone. Copy the LocationChanger.dylib and LocationChanger.plist into /bootstrap/Library/SBInject

3. Go inside the LocationChanger.app folder (current directory)

4. type in jtool --ent /bootstrap/bin/ls > platform.ent

5. edit platform.ent & add 







6. type in jtool -e arch -arch arm64 LocationChanger

7. type in jtool --sign --ent platform.ent --inplace LocationChanger.arch_arm64

8. Now delete the older LocationChanger file and rename the LocationChanger.arch_arm64 to LocationChanger

9. type in uicache

That's it. You will be able to run LocationFaker from your homescreen now.

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