Djay Pro is now on the iPhone

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Algoriddim’s goal over the past few years has been to redefine how much hardware and experience you need to be a DJ, and today it’s taking things to their natural conclusion by cramming every feature it can into the iPhone.

After a year on the iPad, Djay Pro is launching on the iPhone today with the same headline features: the ability to mix four tracks at once, to control video alongside those tracks, and to get started with ease.

If you’re like me and already find that Algoriddim’s existing iPhone app — Djay 2 — has more features than you know what to do with, this new one isn’t for you. Though I was able to pick up Djay Pro and start playing around without issue, I didn’t get much out of it that I wouldn’t have from the simpler app.

Djay Pro is now on the iPhone

But Djay Pro isn’t really meant for everyone. As the name suggests, it’s meant more for people who want to use the app to DJ at clubs and parties and need the ability to queue up additional tracks and visuals.

In addition to those features, the app also includes the ability to add more cue points on each track than in Djay 2, supports 3D Touch commands and haptic feedback, and has deeper Spotify integration, like the ability to select streaming quality.

The app is launching today at a sale price of $4.99, which’ll stay in place for at least a couple weeks, the company says, before rising to $9.99. The app supports hardware as early as the iPhone 5 — I tried it out briefly on a 5S and was surprised at how well it ran. Though the smaller screen isn’t great for Djay Pro’s dense interface and tiny buttons, it was able to get four songs and plenty of effects going just fine.

Source: the verge

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