Next iPhone Is Codenamed 'Ferrari' Internally, According To Chinese Leaks

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Next iPhone Is Codenamed 'Ferrari' Internally, According To Chinese Leaks

Weibo user with a history of leaking accurate Apple info has posted today to his Chinese social media account supposed documents showing the internal codename of the next year's top-of-the-line OLED iPhone (probably called iPhone 8), and the two LCD iPhones too.

According to the documents -- which is in line with most of the existing iPhone 8 rumors -- Apple will release three models of iPhones next year, codenamed D20, D21 and D22 (for reference: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were given internal codenames D10 and D20 early in its production cycles). The document also suggests that Apple has given the high-end model the name "Ferrari." (For that matter, the original iPhone was codenamed internally as "Project Purple")

In line with the recent report by the Korean Herald and John Kang of Forbes the "Ferrari" OLED iPhone is going use curved OLED panels supplied by Samsung (though from my visit to LG's headquarters recently, it seems like Apple has been in talks with LG too) line of phones with a curved display. The phone will also certainly be smaller and sleeker than the iPhone 7 Plus, because the new iPhone will use a two-part motherboard that allows for "more compact build," according to the leaked documents.

This means the new iPhone can (finally) trim those large bezels. Other rumors that have already been making the rounds -- almost exclusively from Taiwanese tech guy Kuo Ming-chi, include the new iPhone doing away with its home button, opting for a complete glass front display with a fingerprint sensor embedded under the glass panel; and a sensor technology that allows the phone to "respond" when a user touches the sides of the device. Most of these features, of course, won't be completely new -- some Android phones that will hit he market before the iPhone 8 will almost certainly incorporate most, if not all, of these features.

Source: Forbes

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