Apple Promoting Portrait Mode Depth Effect With New Video ads

2017-02-15 969 Posted by Reposted

Apple has published new iPhone 7 Plus video ads that highlight Portrait Mode with the flagship model's Camera app.

The first video is called Soul Mate and explains how Portrait Mode makes the subject stand out from the background when Blur Effect is applied. While Portrait Mode was first tuned to work best with people’s faces, this video demonstrates the feature on a dog sitting still (which may be the hardest part).

The second short video is entitled Creek and demonstrates the same feature and benefits with a kid peeking out of water. In the clip, you can see side-by-side examples of the photo at standard 2x zoom and the photo with Blur Effect applied through Portrait Mode.

The shot is particularly complex with the child’s hair and the reflection in the water, but Apple has gradually improved the Portrait Mode feature to work better in situations like the ones shown. Portrait Mode is only available on the dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus.

Source: 9to5mac

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