How to Get SMS Messages about Firmware Signing Changes and Releases?

2018-05-07 734 Posted by 3uTools

This guide applies Zapier.com. The default free plan checks for the events every 15 minutes with 100 times a month. Unless Apple goes crazy flipping switches, you shouldn't max this out.

How to Get SMS Messages about Firmware Signing Changes and Releases?


Step 1 Head over to https://zapier.com/ on a desktop computer and sign up. 

Step 2 You can find the "Make a Zap!" button and click on it. It should ask you for the Trigger App. You will need to select the Twitter option from the list.

Step 3 Now you need to select "User Tweet: Triggers when a specific user tweets".

Step 4 Hit Save and Continue and Authorize Zapier access to you Twitter by logging in or creating a new Twitter Account.

Step 5 Use @TSSstatus when you are asked for the Twitter Username.

Step 6 Now you have to test this Trigger, Hit Fetch and it will pull TSSstatus's latest tweet. You can hit view tweet if you want but once it pulls it, just hit continue.

Step 7 You now have the Actions. This is the golden moment as you now see all the options you can do. You can set it up to Email you, Text you, Call you, Post on your Facebook, and many other options for when a firmware change is detected. For now, let's use sms. Hit that.

Step 8 You will now hit Trigger a SMS. Hit Connect Account and you should see "Allow Zapier to access your SMS by Zapier Account?". Go through these steps until you come out to a page that's title "Set up SMS by Zapier SMS" with a Setup Preview toggled on.

Step 9 This is important. You need to hit "from number" and choose one of those numbers. If you leave it on random half reading this post, you won't have the ability to mute the notifications in iMessages.

Step 10 Right Below that it should have Message with a text box with a rectangle in the upper right. You need to select the box in the upper right and hit text. It should say "Step One" with the latest tweet text. Hit Continue.

Step 11 Zapier will now carry out this Zap you just made. You should get a message to your phone with the last firmware signing change. Now Turn this Zap on and name it.

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