SpectrePatch: Fix Spectre-based Exploits Without Updating iOS

2018-01-10 146 Posted by 3uTools

SpectrePatch is a patch for javascript-based Spectre exploits that might infect Apple devices. It is developed by tweak developer, Ryley Angus.

It relies on reducing the resolution of Webkit’s performance.now() and disabling SharedArrayBuffer for blocking Spectre-based exploits.

It injects its code into every WebKitContent process and other apps such as web browsers like Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Remember, it can only block javascript-based exploits, not native exploits.

For the uninitiated, Spectre is a critical security loophole present in microprocessors. There’s no patch for older devices and we highly recommend everyone to install any fix that developers release.


SpectrePatch: Fix Spectre-based Exploits Without Updating iOS

SpectrePatch is compatible only with iOS 9-10.3 versions.


To download it, you’ll need to go into Cydia:

* tap on the Manage tab

* tap on the Sources button

* tap on the Edit button

* tap on the Add button

* enter the following URL and then tap Add Source: https://ryleyangus.com/repo

The click Install and after that click Restart SpringBoard.

If you want to check if this jailbreak tweaks can work normally, you may go this site. If it works, then the site shows 0.1, if not, the site will show 0.05, you may take the photo below as reference.


SpectrePatch: Fix Spectre-based Exploits Without Updating iOS

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