This Tweak Brings the iOS 11 Notification Centre to Jailbroken iOS 10

2017-10-13 665 Posted by 3uTools

iOS 11 brings with it a whole host of changes, and one of the most notable right off the bat is the updated look and feel for Notification Center. Unfortunately for jailbreakers, upgrading is out of the question.

If you fall into that category, then new free jailbreak tweak dubbed NotificationCenterXI (iOS 10) by iOS developer LaughingQuoll might interest you. It ports the iOS 11 Notification Center experience to jailbroken devices, allowing jailbreakers to have their cake and eat it too.

This Tweak Brings the iOS 11 Notification Centre to Jailbroken iOS 10

Once installed, Notification Center begins to look how it does above, revealing your wallpaper in the background of everything rather than a blur designed to separate your attention from the rest of the iOS interface.

As you’ve probably already discerned, iOS 11’s Notification Center looks and feels a lot like the Lock screen interface. NotificationCenterXI takes that into account, so what you see is a copycat of the iOS 11 Lock screen interface as your Notification Center.

And it doesn’t stop at the notifications page; scrolling to the left where all your widgets are located will yield similar cosmetics:

This Tweak Brings the iOS 11 Notification Centre to Jailbroken iOS 10

Some smaller, fine-grained details in NotificationCenterXI mimic the iOS 11 experience as well, such as the differences in the date and time displays and the subtle animations you’ll enjoy as you launch and dismiss Notification Center with a flick of your finger.

Source: idownloadblog

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