iGotAFeeling – Enable Haptic Feedback for Toggles

2017-10-10 638 Posted by 3uTools

Developer LaughingQuoll is back with another tweak for iOS 10 jailbreak. Here’s how it works.

iGotAFeeling – Enable Haptic Feedback for Toggles

How iGotAFeeling works?

Haptic feedback feels great on the finger but stock iOS doesn’t enable it on all the toggles. This is where this new Cydia tweak comes in.

iGotAFeeling Cydia tweak enables haptic feedback for every toggle present throughout iOS. It is developed by eminent tweak developer LaughingQuoll.

Interestingly, this jailbreak tweak is already open source and comprises just six lines of code! It works right out of the box and comes without a Settings area.

iGotAFeeling – Enable Haptic Feedback for Toggles

Remember, your device must come with the taptic engine. Since haptic feedback relies on the taptic engine, this tweak will not work if your device doesn’t have it.

Download iGotAFeeling tweak

It’s a rather simple tweak but greatly enhances your iOS experience. Highly recommended.

This tweak is not available on any Cydia repository and the developer doesn’t intend to host it anywhere either. Therefore, you must install it with Filza file manager.

iGotAFeeling is available for download as a Debian package here. It is compatible with iOS 10.

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