What’s the Best iOS Firmware for 32-Bit iDevice?

2017-08-24 2319 Posted by 3uTools

As you already know, most 32-bit devices are now jailbroken. Here are the best iOS firmware versions for your 32-bit iDevice.

32-bit iDevices are now jailbroken for life

All 32-bit devices except iPhone 5 and iPad 4 are now jailbroken for life thanks to Phoenix jailbreak. For those who don’t know, iPhone 5 and iPad 4 did receive iOS 10 update, for which no jailbreak exists.

For iOS 9.1-9.3.4, we already have other jailbreak tools such as HomeDepot. As far as iOS 8.4.1 is concerned, we have yalu841 by Luca Todesco. Even the lower firmware versions have tools because they were easy to jailbreak.

Now the question arises – which firmware should I use on my 32-bit iDevice? Here, we have prepared a list of the best iOS firmware versions for every legacy device owner.

Best iOS versions for 32-bit iDevice

iOS 6.1.3

The main advantage of this version is that legacy devices run smooth as silk on this version. This reason behind this is its release date. When this firmware for released, several 32-bit iDevices were considered flagship.

You can jailbreak it using the p0sixpwn tool or 3uTools. Remember, no app of consequence supports this firmware now. Therefore, if you are interested in legacy jailbreak development, you can go with this firmware.

What’s the Best iOS Firmware for 32-Bit iDevice?

iOS 7.1.2

7.1.2 is another legacy firmware that a lot of jailbreakers surely miss. The good thing is that you can install it using Coolbooter and get an untethered jailbreak on top of it.

What’s the Best iOS Firmware for 32-Bit iDevice?

As of yet, iOS 7 is having some issues with Coolbooter and as soon as the developer fixes it, you can dual-boot it alongside your main firmware.

iOS 8.4.1

This is yet another “recent” firmware for 32-bit iDevices that can’t be called “legacy”. A lot of apps still support this version and you can even jailbreak it using yalu841. However, Luca Todesco’s jailbreak is so broken even developers have a hard time getting it to work properly.

Home Depot jailbreak supports iOS 8.4.1 but still requires some modifications and proper offsets for every iDevice.

What’s the Best iOS Firmware for 32-Bit iDevice?

All in all, it’s a decent version that’s marred by jailbreak issues. Hence, I recommend you not to downgrade until REALKJCMEMBER updates Home Depot.

iOS 9.3.5

Naturally, legacy iDevices owners will experience a decrease in performance as soon as they update to newer versions. So if you are still running iOS 9.3.5, experiencing a lag here and there is inevitable. Moreover, a lot of App Store applications still support iOS 9.3.5, giving you yet another reason to go to this version.

If you go any lower than this, you might get compatibility error while installing apps.

Check here to get Semi tethered iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak on 3uTools. 

What’s the Best iOS Firmware for 32-Bit iDevice?

This is, without a doubt, your best bet right now even after taking into account the performance issues. Be sure to install NoSolowAnimations and iCleaner and you will be alright.

 This is what we recommend, you can choose whatever version you feel like.

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