How to Switch Apple Watch to iPhone7?

2017-07-19 2877 Posted by 3uTools

If you just purchased a new iPhone7 or iPhone7 Plus, you can do the following steps to get a better user experience on Apple Watch. After purchasing a new iPhone, most of the Apple users are inclined to reset their Apple Watch. But if your want to save your previous health data, what should you do? 

How to Switch Apple Watch to iPhone7?

First of all, you need to backup your important data files using iTunes. Besides, you need to unpair Apple Watch and your old iPhone.

Step1: Please open the watch app on your iPhone.

Step2: Click the button “My Watch”.

Step3: Select Apple Watch and unpair it with your iPhone.

Step4: Click the button “Confirm” and you need to enter your Touch ID as the screen appears you a dialog box.

Note: What calls for special attention is that you need to let the Apple Watch close to your old iPhone while you unpair your old iPhone and Apple Watch.  

Now we need to transfer your old iPhone’s health data.

Step1:  Open the “Settings” of your iPhone→ click the button “iCloud”.

Step2:  And then when you set the new iPhone,please restore your data files from iCloud. 

At this moment, you need to match your Apple Watch with the new iPhone.

How to Switch Apple Watch to iPhone7?

Step1: Open the watch app on your new iPhone and click the button “ Starting Pairing ”.

Step2: Please do not move your iPhone until your new iPhone and apple watch are sucessfully paired.

Step3: Click the option “Restore data from backups ”, and then please follow the prompts to complete the following steps.

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