3uTools Fix Flash Help You Solve Flash Error (-1110)
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During daily use, the capacity of the hard disk will continue to increase. When the capacity of the iPhone's hard drive reaches a certain level, the iDevice will suddenly shut down and cannot be turned on. 

If you choose Retain User's Data at this time, it will prompt that the device cannot be restored (-1110)

Now, 3uTools's Fix Flash can help users solve the problem of insufficient memory in iDevice but want to save the data. 

(You can also directly use Fix Flash to operate the infinite white apples that appear on the iDevice due to insufficient hard disk space)

Here is a detailed operation tutorial.

  1. Open 3uTools, and check the update. Please use the latest version 2.63.

  2. Connect on 3uTools, choose Easy Flash > Fix Flash

3uTools Fix Flash Help You Solve Flash Error (-1110)

3. After downloading the firmware, choose Fix Flash > Flash. (The latest version of firmware is recommended because of the high possibility of success)

3uTools Fix Flash Help You Solve Flash Error (-1110)


3uTools Fix Flash Help You Solve Flash Error (-1110)

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