How to Use 3uTools in Arabic Interface?

2017-02-04 2132 Posted by 3uTools

Do you want to use 3uTools in Arabic version? If your mother language is Arabic, I think you will like this interface to operate in 3uTools.

With the help of a 3uTools user in Arabic, we have translated original English language of 3uTools (V2.08) to Arabic. And now you can use Arabic language version if you want to try:

How to Use 3uTools in Arabic Interface?

1. Download 3uTools from our website to your desktop, 3uTools is English official version at this moment.

How to Use 3uTools in Arabic Interface?

2. If you want to use Arabic version, you can download our language file and please keep in mind do not rename it. 

Download Arabic language file here or from our 3uTools forum.

3. Follow us and check original English language file in Disk C - Program Files(x86) - 3uTools - locales,and find "tools_en.qm". Use the new Arabic language "tools_en.qm"file which you have downloaded to change the file.

How to Use 3uTools in Arabic Interface?

4. Change same original English file into this Arabic language file. As below: 

And if you want use English 3uTools in the future, you can save original English file and do same steps or download from our website again.

How to Use 3uTools in Arabic Interface?

Now you can restar your 3uTools on your PC again, let's see what's happened.

How to Use 3uTools in Arabic Interface?

Please noticed only V2.08 have been translated. It will be covered when 3uTools have new version (maybe V2.09) releases, please stay V2.08 if you want to use Arabic all the time until we have updated new Arabic file.

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