How to Remove The “1” Badge On Settings App After Jailbreaking?

2017-07-18 2359 Posted by 3utools

It is easy to remove the “1” badge on settings app after jailbreaking iOS10.1.1, you can easily remove it by revising the system information in 3uTools (System/Library/Coreservices/SystemVersion.plist).


This tutorial is mainly introducing how to remove the “1” badge on settings app after jailbreaking. For instance,if your iDevice running with iOS 10.1.1, you can change it into iOS10.2, please remember to save your modification, and then restart your iPhone.


How to Remove The “1” Badge On Settings App After Jailbreaking?

After rebooting your iPhone, the “1” badge on settings app will gone. But if the problem still persists after rebooting, you need to repeat the operations above, changing iPhone’s iOS verision into 10.1.1, and then reboot iPhone again.


If Cydia can’t be connected to network, you may follow the steps below:

* Please turn off Safari’s network permissions in Cellular

* Launch Safari

* Please open Safari’s network permissions again

* Launch Cydia

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