This Guy Turned Apple AirPods Into Plugs for His Gauged Ears

2016-12-23 1076 Posted by 3uTools

After a few months’ delay, Apple AirPods are now available. Early reviewers are mostly content with the wireless earbuds’ sound quality, battery life, and convenient UX, but some early adopters are struggling with a deal-breaking concern: They just don’t fit in some ears. An appropriate response would be to get angry at the world for paying $159.99 on earbuds you can’t use or to just return them and look for something else. 

Andrew Cornett on Twitter came up with a more ingenious solution, one that will ensure you never doubt human determination again.

This Guy Turned Apple AirPods Into Plugs for His Gauged Ears

Cornett turned his Apple AirPods into plugs, or the cylindrical jewelry worn as stretched piercings in gauged ears. He reports they “juuust fit” in a 0 gauge: Simply insert the bottom of the device through your ear lobe (ouch) and tune in. But the smirk on his face seems to indicate the earbuds finally sound pretty good. As a bonus, his solution even solves the issue of potentially losing the small wireless devices.

We certainly do not recommend following our Twitter friend’s example. In fact, it would take two to three weeks to “responsibly” open a hole of that size in your ear. If there is one thing Cornett showed us with his Apple piercing, it is that the line between technology and our everyday lives is blurring—and that there is very little we wouldn’t do to blur it even further.

Source: dailydot

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