iOS 11.4 is Killing Battery Life for Some iPhone Users

2018-06-12 2040 Posted by 3uTools

iOS 11.4 is Killing Battery Life for Some iPhone Users

Apple's recently released iOS 11.4 software update is borking iPhone users' battery life, according to a number of complaints on Apple's support forum

Devices ranging from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone X appear to be affected by a battery drain issue after installing the OS update, which arrived at the end of May with support for AirPlay 2 and HomePod pairing, Messages on iCloud and ClassKit support. 

One user moaned: "My iPhone 6s has the same issue after updating to iOS 11.4. I charged it up to 100 per cent, rebooted it then let it standby for 4 hours, the battery indicator dropped to 40 per cent. It has been three days since I updated to ios 11.4 and this issue happened every day."

Another whinged: "I have an iPhone X, after installing iOS 11.4 my battery starting draining 2 to 3 times faster than before. I tried everything possible for a week to fix this. Nothing worked."

Some are claiming that switching off WiFi alleviates the issue, while others have said that connecting to a 2.4GHz WiFi network, rather than 5GHz, will stop the battery from draining so quickly.

It's certainly not a hardware issue at fault, with users reporting that iOS's built-in battery health checker is showing that their handset is working as it should. Others affected say that their battery was replaced not that long ago.

"5Ghz WiFi has been screwed up in this update for iPhone 6/6s," one user writes I think the SE devices are actually experiencing a different battery draining problem," one Apple forum user writes. "Switching my iPhone 6s to only a 2.4Ghz WiFi takes its battery usage back to normal."

Apple, naturally, hasn't yet commented on the issue, but it likely will be fixed in a future software update.

Source: the inquirer

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