Overhauled Google News App Arrives on the App Store for iPhone

2018-05-16 204 Posted by 3uTools

The new Google News app has arrived for iOS devices. The revised app, which was announced at Google’s annual developer’s conference, I/O, earlier this month, takes advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring you stories.

In perhaps its most significant update since it first arrived in the App Store, the official Google News app offers content based on your designated news sources and perhaps, more importantly, your past reading history. In doing so, the universal app organizes your content in real-time.

Overhauled Google News App Arrives on the App Store for iPhone

On Google New’s For You page, you’ll find a five-story briefing (with an icon showing your location’s current weather conditions) followed by news articles featuring content you’ve shown an interest in previously.

Under Headlines are stories organized by general topics such as Business, Technology, and Entertainment. Each story includes two icons after the summary of the article. When clicked, the first icon takes you to a Full Coverage page. Presented here are links to additional resources on the same topic as the main article. When tapped, the second icon offers sharing options, plus a link to hide future stories from the current content provider.

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