iPhone X Topped November Sales Charts In UK, Japan, Took Third Place In U.S.

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iPhone X Topped November Sales Charts In UK, Japan, Took Third Place In U.S.

Apple was expecting huge sales during the holiday period, and it seems it was not far off the mark in that belief. According to new statistics released by Kantar, Apple’s smartphones were the top three selling smartphones in the United States during the month of November.

This comes amid the release of the iPhone X, a flagship device that some had claimed was simply too costly to be popular. However, Samsung’s own flagship – the Galaxy S8 – found itself down in sixth place.

The iPhone X also sold particularly well in China, Japan, and the United Kingdom, although it was the Chinese sales that were singled out by Kantar as a market that saw a large number of users switching from Android devices.

"The iPhone X was the top selling model in urban China in November, with a market share of 6.0%. Unlike in Europe and the US, where the vast majority of new early iPhone X sales came from existing Apple smartphone owners, in urban China there are significant numbers of Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung customers switching to the new iPhone models, which they deem a cut above the rest."

As for the UK and Japan, Kantar’s numbers have the iPhone taking the number one position in the former with the latter seeing the iPhone as a product line taking the top two positions for sales in the country.

When it comes to the States, the iPhone X was not the biggest seller, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus taking the top two spots, pushing the highest end iPhone down to third position. Interestingly, overall, iOS market share fell by 3.8%, something that was echoed across Europe, too.

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