New Policy's Chain Reaction: Modi is Actually iPhone Promoters

2016-11-30 1365 Posted by 3uTools

Do you remember the new policy of currency change introduced earlier this month in India? In response to the new policy of Modi, some rich people choose to buy easy to preserve the value of the goods to ensure their own property, which have many people to buy iPhone. According to India's "Economic Times" reported that after the promulgation of  India's new currency , there are more and more people to join the ranks of the purchase of iPhone, and Indian Prime Minister Modi is also known as "iPhone promoters."

New Policy's Chain Reaction: Modi is Actually iPhone Promoters

"Economic Times" quoted the New Delhi, India,many of the iPhone have been sold out in this month, and some shops selling iPhone and even sell the middle of the night, and even some businesses took the opportunity to raise the price of iPhone. According to estimates, in the first three days of the currency change policy announced, iPhone in India sold about 100,000, which is equivalent to the average monthly sales of 3/4, it is a pretty good results for Apple.


We also see another report on the Indian market. In October 2016, Apple's high-end mobile phone market in India with 66% share of sales to occupy the top spot, but we do not know the result in November. All along, Apple's efforts in the Indian market are seen as struggling, compared to China and the United States and other major markets, it has less people to buy iPhone all the time. In fact, Apple's performance in the Indian market is very good at these days.

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