Ali YunOS Becomes China's Second Largest Mobile Phone Operating System

2016-11-30 1241 Posted by 3uTools

At the end of this year, Ali YunOS system in the Chinese mainland smart phone market, the load will exceed Apple iOS system, leapt to second place. Meizu, small peppers and duo only Yunos currently loaded three major mobile phone providers, market research firm Strategy Analytics said that in 2016 is expected to carry Ali YunOS system, the total mobile phone shipments will be more than 100 million. The South China Morning Post quoted analysts as saying that by the end of 2016, China's smartphone market is expected to account for 14 percent of Yunos' share in the smartphone market, surpassing Apple's iOS as the second-largest smartphone operating system in China.

Ali YunOS Becomes China's Second Largest Mobile Phone Operating System

Ali YunOS

Although Apple's iPhone sales in China last year, showing an explosive growth, but recently the region's iPhone sales have negative growth, leading to Apple's iPhone sales in China for three consecutive quarters of decline. But the technology blog The Verge reported that the fourth quarter of this year's calendar year iPhone sales in China will rebound.

Alibaba hopes Ali YunOS system can become more Chinese consumers choice, it also faces another big obstacle to overcome: because in the current Chinese smart phone users, the vast majority of devices using Google's Android system.

Although Ali YunOS platform has made great progress, but Bernstein senior analyst Mark - Lee (Mark Li) that the Ali YunOS platform out of the country, the future growth prospects may be limited to "cheap or enjoy the subsidies" Smart phone products.


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