Google Project Zero To Unleash iPhone Exploit That Will Enable iOS 11 Jailbreak
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Google Project Zero's Ian Beer will soon release an iOS 11.1.2 exploit that will enable the fabled iOS 11 jailbreak. There is a high chance that an iPhone X jailbreak will arrive soon.  ( Apple )

The fabled iOS 11 jailbreak may be coming soon, and the iPhone exploit to enable it will be coming from no less than Google.

Google's Project Zero is a cybersecurity team dedicated to finding software vulnerabilities and then giving companies 90 days to fix the problem before it goes public with the discovery. Apparently, the next target for Project Zero is Apple.

Google Project Zero To Unleash iPhone Exploit That Will Enable iOS 11 Jailbreak

What Is An iPhone Jailbreak?

For those not aware, an iPhone jailbreak allows users to take full control of their device, so owners can enjoy the same freedom that Android smartphone users do. When jailbreaks were first released, they were used to customize the user interface, install unapproved apps, engage in app piracy, and perhaps most importantly, allowed iPhones to be used with non-compatible carriers.

Apple, however, likes to maintain control over what users can do on iOS devices, as that keeps iPhones run smooth, secure, and profitable. The company's efforts to limit iOS jailbreaks, along with solving most of the problems that made them necessary in the eyes of users, have caused the jailbreak community to dry up, with the last jailbreak for iOS 10 but not available for the iPhone 7.

Google Project Zero To Make iOS 11 Jailbreak Possible

Ian Beer, a security researcher for Google's Project Zero and the team iOS specialist, single-handedly revived interest in iPhone jailbreaks through this tweet:

The "tfp0" in Beer's tweet stands for "task for pid 0" or the kernel task port, which will give full access of the core of the operating system.

Beer will likely not release a full untethered jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2, a version of Apple's mobile operating system that was only launched in mid-November. However, what he will reveal is something that was likely patched by Apple with the iOS 11.2 update that was rolled out earlier this week. It might not be a full jailbreak, but it will certainly breathe new life into the iOS jailbreaking community.

There is also little reason to doubt Beer's claims. In addition to finding several zero-day exploits for the iOS, he has published other vulnerabilities in the past that have led to the jailbreaks for iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.3.2. There is a high chance that an iPhone X jailbreak will arrive soon, as long as you keep the device at iOS 11.1.2

After all this, a word of caution: while jailbreaking offers various benefits, constantly updating to the latest iOS builds protects users from various security issues. Jailbreak at your own risk.

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