iPhone 7 Deals! Apple Confirmed to Participate in the Black Friday Promotion

2016-11-25 1277 Posted by 3uTools

"Double eleven," just past few days, I believe a lot of small partners with Xiaobian certainly still "eat soil" back to the blood. But there is a "bad news" came, missed the black Friday of 2015, this year Apple will return to the ranks of this concession.

Apple officials have given the current page, mainly to tell the user, this year's black Friday they have to offer promotions, promotion time will start from November 25, Apple also recommends that users come back in the black Friday to see their favorite product prices.

iPhone 7 Deals! Apple Confirmed to Participate in the Black Friday Promotion

To be sure, Apple's black Friday promotional activities is still the product's "price", is likely to be the old routine, both to buy products to send the corresponding gift card.

Compared to 2014 activities, Apple iPad, Mac, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus users were provided with a value of $ 50 or $ 100 gift card, according to this extent, this year's iPhone 7 should also join among them.

Do not know, this activity is also in the activities of China in the list, if not we can only look forward to the follow-up "red Friday". Moreover, the bounce for a long time Air Pods will launch in the promotional season? Interested friends may wish to look at! World Wide Web technology will be the first time reported!


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