Apple May Not Fulfill All iPhone X Preorders Until Early 2018 Due to Poor 3D Sensor

2017-09-27 1250 Posted by 3uToos

A supply chain report out of Taiwan claims that Apple is facing significant yield problems with the 3D sensors used in the TrueDepth camera module of the iPhone X. One source says that production volumes for the flagship phone are so low that they are being measured in tens of thousands of units per day …

A Taipei-based analyst said that this was, however, the only major component still limiting production volumes. It had earlier been reported that Samsung was struggling to produce the OLED displays – more complex than used in the company’s own phones – with a yield rate of just 60%.

Apple May Not Fulfill All iPhone X Preorders Until Early 2018 Due to Poor 3D Sensor

This supports an earlier claim that although the iPhone X is well into the planned manufacturing period, it has not yet reached what Apple would consider mass production.

Foxconn has made only 2 million iPhone X units to date, but is expecting the number to hit 10M in October, and 40M by the end of the year. With KGI predicting that preorders could top 50M units, that would mean that Apple couldn’t even fulfill those orders before early 2018.

Source: 9to5mac

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