Apple AirPods 2 Could Become Fitness Trackers

2017-07-06 919 Posted by 3uTools

Apple has filed a patent for the next iteration of the AirPods that could mean the little wireless earphones become a fitness tracker in and of themselves. The patent shows that the AirPods will contain biometric sensors.

While biometric sensors in headphones aren’t a new proposition- the Jabra Elite Sport already have this - it is exciting to see Apple is working on this technology.

The sensors aren’t just limited to simple heart-rate monitors either. It appears there are plans for EKG sensors, that monitor the electrical activity of your heart, impedance cardiography sensors, and more.

Apple AirPods 2 Could Become Fitness Trackers

Another exciting line from the patent is: “In some embodiments, the housing of the earbud can be symmetric so that the earbud can be worn interchangeably in either a left or a right ear of a user.” So we could be seeing the end of trying to figure out which bud goes in which ear.

As this is just a patent there’s no guarantee that we’ll see this technology in real life but, as always, as soon as we know more we’ll let you know.

Source: techradar

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