iPhone Sales Drop in China's Annual Singles Day Sales
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iPhone Sales Drop in China's Annual Singles Day Sales


Figures for November 11's Singles Day in China show that sales of the iPhone dropped 4% year over year — while Huawei smartphones grew 66% in the same period.


Apple has often done well on Singles Day — also known as Double 11 because of the 11/11 date — and according to Reuters, retailer reported selling $1.39 billion of Apple products in this year's event.


The sales data plus both Apple's percentage drop and Huawei's percentage increase were reported to Reuters by Counterpoint Research. Percentage comparisons are not especially useful without the full figures and did not break down its figures into even what were iPhones or other Apple devices.


Plus China's other main retailers have ceased reporting Singles Day sales figures, so it's not possible to compare this year and previous ones.


However, as well as Apple's iPhone having a 4% drop and Huawei seeing a 66% increase, Xiaomi also grew 28% year over year. So Chinese brands are at the very least ascending in the country, and it appears their sales are taking market share from Apple.


Xiaomi has reported that it sold $3.14 billion of what it described to Reuters as cumulative gross merchandise value. Neither Huawei nor Apple have commented.


Separately, Counterpoint Research has also reported that the iPhone 15 has helped global smartphone sales break their 27-month series of declines.


Source: Appleinsider

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